Tips For Being Safe Going Out!

Tips For Being Safe Going Out!

Posted by Andrew B on 23rd Feb 2021

Welcome Everyone and thanks for stopping by for some information. If you like us, then do not be afraid to order from us or to go like us on Facebook. We will be talking about going out in this week … read more

Everyday Carry Products

Posted by Andrew B on 6th Feb 2021

What are some less than lethal defense everyday carries or EDCs?EDCs are items that you should take with you everyday and always have with you. Things such as a knife or a defense tool.  … read more

Being Prepared or Being Scared

Posted by Andrew B on 1st Feb 2021

Question that I hear a lot are: Are you really prepping because your scared we are going to civil war or are you just paranoid? Really to me it does not matter why you are. Just that you are … read more