Winter! Winter! Winter!

Posted by Andrew B on Oct 1st 2021

What do you think about winter? How safe do you feel when it is winter? Do you know if you are safe in your home? Do you know how to survive in your car if you get trapped on the side of the road? … read more

​Hunting Safety

Posted by Andrew B on Sep 26th 2021

It is that time of year again when the major hunting seasons have started to kick off again. There are a lot of people that go out and some have very little experience and think it is something that … read more

College Safety

Posted by Andrew B on Sep 18th 2021

So, I am going to start this one off with a disclaimer unlike some of my other blogs. Please check with your federal, state, and local laws and please follow and assume all responsibility. With a to … read more

Safety For Back To School

Posted by Andrew B on Sep 7th 2021

With all the kids going back to school and our older ones going off to college there is apprehension from all parents. With some students this is the first year back in almost two years. There are s … read more

Welcome to Shop Survival Supplies.

Posted by Andrew B on Aug 18th 2021

Welcome and thank you for shopping with us and stopping by our blog. We want to be a great sales company that has one thing on our mind, and that is you the customer. While we do offer refunds on our … read more