Care Go Smart Personal Alarm w/ GPS Bluetooth Tracking

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Product Overview

Every second matter in an emergency. Oftentimes, when an emergency happens, your phone isn’t enough. Alphahōm® Care Go™ is a next generation Bluetooth alarm designed to save lives and give you peace of mind. With a simple pull, the Care Go App on your smartphone sends out an SOS with a real-time GPS location to multiple emergency contacts so you can get the help you need right away


One-to-Many Alert: The Care Go Personal Alarm pushes alerts through smartphones to unlimited emergency contacts and at the same time, via the Care Go app, to both Android and iOS phones. For iOS users, protectors can receive critical alerts even if the phone is set to silent so they never miss a notification. (USER and PROTECTOR are both required to have smartphones)

SOS with Real-Time GPS: Care Go helps users send out SOS with a real-time GPS location to their emergency contacts via the Care Go App. Protectors can know where their loved one is with zero delays in time so you can get the help they need right away.

Smart Device + Care Go App: Care Go is much more effective compared to traditional safety alarms since it provides an accurate GPS location to protectors via the application. SOS needs enough friction and force to be activated by our design so that there are ZERO false alarms.

Multifunctional and Stable Connection: Care Go is not only a personal alarm with GPS tracking but also a Bluetooth tracker (NO MONTHLY FEE) for keys, phones, wallets, or others. The latest Bluetooth 5 technology ensures a stable connection. (Bluetooth range: 100ft) 

One Year Per Charge: Care Go has a rechargeable built-in battery that can last up to 1 year on standby. However, it takes only one hour to fully charge it. 


Care Go Smart Personal Alarm w/ GPS Bluetooth Tracking


(No reviews yet) Write a Review